While you are away and enjoying your vacay, it is nothing more soothing that to know your furbaby is also enjoying their stay at Playtime Pawz. Your furbaby will enjoy a plush bed, toys, and a lot of playtime while they are away from home. In addition, as the Paw Parent, you will have access to a live web cam to check on your doggy and you will receive daily updates.

Boarding is an overnight stay.

Your schedule is busy, however, your pet still needs a playmate and playtime. Check- Ins allow your fur baby to have 30 minutes of inside/outside playtime at your home. During Check-Ins, your pets will enjoy time relaxing in the sun, getting fresh air, play, potty, enjoy feeding time and a nice treat.
Would you like for your dog to be engaged in more physical activity? Would you like your dog to have the opportunity to socialize your pets? Don't let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend's well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of Playtime Pawz Daycare service!

Daycare for up to 12 hours

Daycare service includes Dog Park playtime

Dont you hate seeing fur all over your floor, furniture and clothes? Well this deshedding service will assist with dogs that may expereince a lot of shedding. During the service, a lot of the extra hair that causes shedding is removed from the dogs body. Immediate results are noticed, however, the more your dog is deshedded, the better the results will be.
Grooming Advanced Package includes


         (Shampoo, Conditioner, leave in Conditioner, Eye and Ear cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Mouth Freshener, Blow Dry, and Finishing Spray)

*Hair Cut

*Nail Trim and Buffing

Grooming Basic includes:


         (Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner, Blow Dry, and Finishing Spray)

*Hair Trim

Baths Include:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner, Ear and Eye Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Mouth Freshener, Blow Dry, and Finishing Spray.

Grooming Tender Loving Care is a grooming package designed for dogs with matted fur, high stress and anxiety, and aggressive dogs. TLC includes:


       Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner, Eye and Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Mouth Freshener, Blow Dry and Finishing Spray

*Hair Cut

*Nail Trim and Buff

Service includes the trimming and buffing of the nails
Life is busy for you and your pet still has appointments. Allow Playtime Pawz to transport your fur babies to their grooming, vets, and other necessary appointments while you take care of your responsibilities. Service includes a home pick up and drop off, potty break, and appointment check in and completion.
Doggies love to get fresh air! Give your doggy a 30 minute walk/run that allows them to take potty breaks and exercise while you're away from home. Walks also include feeding if requested. I am sure that you will be excited to receive the pictures and videos of your doggy during their walk.